Pounta is a large, shallow and sandy beach near the village of Viglafia, Laconia, the southern Peloponnese. From here, the boat travels to the island of Elafonissos.
The sea is shallow, crystal clear and deep blue. The eastern part of the beach consists of large dunes with small shrubs. The beach is a popular place for campers, although there is no official campsite. People with campers usually stop behind the dunes or on the small car park near the ferry pier.
From the eastern side of the beach begins Pavilopetri – the sunken city that is 5000 years old. Many centuries ago the island has been connected with the mainland and there has been a town in this place. An earthquake separates the island and floods the city into the sea. The sea gradually covered everything with sand, the city disappeared from the human eye and memories. The underwater city was discovered in 1967 and actively researched by underwater archaeologists. Tourists and ferry passengers will see little or no visual evidence of what was once a prosperous city.